GNAs® offers peerless solutions to clients in the areas of intellectual property protection and enforcement. Our experienced expert Senior Patent and Trademark Associates provide support to clients in many of the technical aspects of IP, TM and Patent practice. Our services include:

Intellectual Property Management Development Programme
Intellectual Property Management Development Programme held in corporate campus by Experts of IP/Patents, Trade Marks, and Copyright Professionals.

Patent Filing & Prosecution
GNAs provides patent filing, both national and international (PCT) applications, services to clients, preparing prosecution templates, replying office actions and sending reminders of upcoming due dates. GNAs currently handles filing of patents for a dozen of corporate and law firms across the country.

Patent Watch Services
GNAs provides customized world-wide Patent Watch or surveillance services for individual Patents / Patent Applications or field as a whole, including infringement–related surveillance.

Freedom to Operate
GNA offers Freedom to Operate opinion and advice on product or technology clearance, thus evading off potential infringement.

Patent Search
GNAs conducts patent search for clients to ascertain the novelty of their inventions. Patent search is done by highly qualified patent associates of GNAs who are skilled in the usage of several online patent databases. We have in-house access to subscribed patent databases.

Patent Mining and R&D Coordination
GNAs provide patent mining services for R&D coordination to their corporate clients. We help clients to protect their interest from the early stages of their project and provide all the required information before filing the patent application.

Patent Specification & Claims Drafting
GNAs is specialist in patent specification and claims drafting. We draft patent specifications in accordance to national law and PCT. Our firm specializes in the more complex and difficult drafts rather than the routines.

Patent Expiry Status Report Worldwide
GNAs provides patent expiry status report to clients to determine whether a given patent is still alive or abandoned or has expired in a specific country.

Pre-Grant and Post-Grant Opposition
GNAs is specialist in drafting and filing Pre-Grant and Post Grant Oppositions.

Patentability Consultancy
GNAs offers patentability consultancy to assist clients in ascertaining the patentability requirement of their inventions. We help clients in identifying all the three criteria of patentability.

Trademarks, Copyright & Designs
GNAs offer trademarks, copyright and designs filing, prosecution, maintenance and enforcement services.

IP Audit & IP Portfolio Creation and Maintenance
GNAs offers IP Audit & IP portfolio services to corporate clients. Tailor-made IP solutions.

Patent Gurukul
GNA has sponsored Patent Gurukul for creating Patent Awareness and Patent Proficiency among students and professionals in India. Passed students of Patent Gurukul are spread all over India and overseas. Placement requests are going on and serviced due to heavy demand from Patent Gurukul.